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End of a Busy One

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

It's the morning after the night before! Well, rather, the day after a five-gig weekend. It was nearly a six-gig one, and I'm quite glad that that didn't eventuate. My voice veered a little to the croaky side of things at yesterday's Sunday session with WGJS at Market City Tavern. We played out in the beer garden for the first time in a while. Although we've had some lovely and clear winter days, once the sun goes down, the mercury plummets! So, for the comfort of our patrons, and ourselves, we've stayed indoors for the winter. Was great to be out in the sun! Shaun had been in Pannawonica with ML the night before, and had gone from the airport to another gig before joining us in Canning Vale. It was up to me and Dazzy on the drums to keep him awake! He he he...

It's good to be busy, and it's good to still play at new venues. On Saturday evening I performed at The Berrigan Bar & Bistro for the first time, which was very enjoyable. Nice, chilled little restaurant area...with a stage! What a novelty! Lovely spot, with the lakes and park next to the beer garden. Always nice to see posters up advertising the musos as well! Staff were wonderful too.

The Saturday September lineup at The Berrigan Bar & Bistro

Before getting to The Berrigan, I was down in Mandurah, playing at Dolphin Quay outside the Seafood Nation restaurant. It was my third time there, but the first time I was able to be out with the dolphins! An very sunny spring had me slip/slop/slapping and I managed to escape without a single touch of sunburn. Always a bonus. Hopefully there'll be some sort of cover out there in the warmer months.

I spent Friday night at Rosie O'Grady's in Northbridge (the only Rosie's in Perth now) with Wesley Goodlet Jamboree Scouts. It was the regular WGJS Rosie's lineup of Shaun and Haans, and we had a pretty fun gig! We had some requests thrown at us, jammed out some random tunes, serenaded a sleeping punter and were accosted by a drunken patron who fancied himself a singer. All in good fun! Kinda. My Thursday nights have been spent at Bar Orient in Fremantle since July this year. I was there on a fortnightly basis from May, but I'm there every week now, which is great! So nice to be playing down Freo way regularly again. It's been nearly four years since Rosie's Freo shut its doors and became The Federal Hotel, ending my residency there in the process. Some people who used to see me at Rosie's pop in to Bar Orient on occasion. A couple come down every week! I'm very lucky to be able to keep on keeping on in this day and age. Every time I strap on my guitar for either a solo set, a duo stint or a WGJS gig I remind myself of that fact. Big thanks to Slim Jim Enterprises for looking after me for all these years, and props to Street Artist Management for the opportunities too!

At Dolphin Quay, Mandurah (Sat 7th Sep, 2019)

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