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Looking Back On 2014

As the year's hourglass runs out of sand, I thought I'd take a look back at 2014. Personally and professionally, it was a year of highs and lows (well, I guess they all are really), but I'd like to shine a light on the good bits. Using the medium of top five lists, here are some of my favourite things about the year just gone.

MY TOP 5 ALBUMS of 2014

1. Morning Phase BECK

2. Puddinghead BALL PARK MUSIC

3. Tales From The Realm of The Queen Of Pentacles SUZANNE VEGA

4. The Endless River PINK FLOYD

5. This Is Not The End BABY ANIMALS

NB: I received Neil Young's Storytone and Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters for Christmas, but I haven't listened to either album yet. Another album I really dug was Bowie's new compilation Nothing Has Changed, but being a greatest hits set, it doesn't really count. For similar reasons, I also enjoyed Josh Pyke's Lone Wolf live box set.


1. Antiphon MIDLAKE

2. The Next Day DAVID BOWIE

3. Push The Sky Away NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS

4. Random Access Memories DAFT PUNK

5. ...Like Clockwork QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE

MY TOP 5 CONCERTS of 2014:

1. THE ROLLING STONES, Perth Arena, November 1st

2. NICK CAVE, Fremantle Arts Centre, November 28th

3. BOB DYLAN, Riverside Theatre - PCEC, August 13th

4. SUZANNE VEGA, The Astor Theatre, April 11th

5. THE BRICKS performing Pink Floyd's The Wall, The Newport Hotel, August 28th

NB: An honourable mention to 94.5's Classic Hits All Day festival in Kings Park on November 8th. Rhona and I had a blast reliving songs from our youth, and beyond! My favourite sets were performed by Mi-Sex, Moving Pictures, Pseudo Echo and 1927. JPY was also a class act.

MY TOP 5 GIGS of 2014:

1. THE NEWPORT HOTEL, July 6th - Wes Does Ziggy! (with the Wesley Goodlet Jamboree Scouts)

2. ROSIE O'GRADY'S FREMANTLE, September 11th - My final show at Rosie's after a residency of nearly eleven years

3. CHANDELIERS ON ABBEY, YALLINGUP, March 22nd - Meaghan and Josh's wedding (with the WGJS)

4. THE BOAT, April 6th - Supporting Slim Jim & Phatts Inc for A Toast To The Coast

5. LAKERS TAVERN, December 14th - One of the best final sets ever! (with the WGJS)

NB: Honourable mention to the WGJS NYE gig at Lakers as well, although it was mainly in 2013! Luke and Kate's wedding in Kulin, September 28th, was another big highlight, with a great effort from the WGJS B Team. Rhona and I also performed our first public show as Silver & Gold at the Northshore Tavern on February 15th, which was a great experience. We had quite a few friendly faces pop in to see us that night too.


1. Driving around Tasmania with my family.

2. Getting through the fourth term of school with Rhona working full time.

3. Going to Supanova in June with Alyssa and Rhona dressed up as Princess Leia.

4. Travelling up north in a campervan with my family; particularly seeing Rhona returning to her hometown of Newman after 36 years (you can read all about our little jaunt here).

5. Halloversary 3-D.


1. True Detective (S1)

2. The Killing (all seasons)

3. Bob's Burgers (all seasons)

4. Freaks & Geeks (S1 - all she wrote, sadly)

5. Parks And Recreation (all seasons)

NB: I also dug the first seasons of The Fall and Rectify. The one season English production Hit & Miss was quite good too.

I was going to do a top films of 2014 list too, but I didn't see enough films. I tend to pick filling in the gaps over keeping up with new releases. For instance, I finally watched City of God, Ichi the Killer, Bronson and Melancholia.

Anyway, that's a nice little snapshot of 2014.

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